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Stolp measures 16,7 x 8 cm so fits 99% of all smartphones. For example, the latest iPhone Pro Max fits inside Stolp.

If you're unsure, you can check out your phone's dimensions online and if you have a case, measure it out as well to check if your phone will fit. 

Stolp acts as a ‘cage of Faraday’, an enclosure to block electromagnetic fields. The cage, which Stolp is, blocks all signals. This means you won’t have phone reception, wifi or 3G/4G/5G.

When Stolp is fully closed, all signals are fully blocked: you're 100% offline.
When Stolp is closed but not fully, the signals aren't blocked. In this modus, you can charge your phone via power cable while you still enjoy the benefit of 'out of sight, out of mind'.

With NFC, you can create automations: if you perform the gesture of holding your phone against the NFC-tag in Stolp, your phone registers the signal and performs a task you've chosen. Some examples from our users: 

- You come home and hold your phone against Stolp. A message with your chosen text gets sent to your partners, kids, employees,... 

- Your phone automatically goes into battery saving mode from the moment it's into Stolp. 

- You put your phone in Stolp and your phone turns airplane mode on. Useful if you often use Stolp while charging your phone.

Stolp has two built-in NFC tags: one in the handle on top, one inside Stolp for when you put your phone in Stolp. As there are two different tags, you can set up a different automation for each of them: a different automation if you do the gesture of holding your phone above the handle, versus laying your phone away in Stolp. 

On this page you can find a short guide on how to set up NFC.

On this page you can check if your phone has NFC. Nowadays almost all phones do.

Happy tagging! Let us know how you use your NFC-tags, we're curious!

Yes, we provided a small opening for your charging cable. However, you will not be able to fully close Stolp while charging and thus you'll receive phone signal. Unfortunately being 100% offline and charging with a cable, is physically impossible as the cable creates a hole in Stolp through which the phone signal can enter. 

Yes, but the sound will be more muffled. This is quickly solved by turning your alarm volume up. 

You can return Stolp within 7 days after receiving your Stolp. If you want to return your Stolp, please get in touch via for the next steps with regards to returning your Stolp(s) and your refund.

If there's a technical issue with your Stolp, you can also get in touch via

If you'd like to see a Stolp, you can do so in the following stores across Belgium: 

- Antwerpen: Stad Leest , Espoo  

- Ghent: Living Design

- Knokke: Callebert 

A simple kitchen roll does the trick in most cases. To remove the more stubborn spots we recommend using standard window cleaning product or wet tissues. 

Place one finger such as your thumb on the lid provided. Lift the top by placing your free hand around the top. Open.
An alternative way is to use the handle with one hand, and hold the bottom tray with the other, but this is less easy for most people.

If you still need help then please contact us at or leave a message on the chat (make sure to leave your email address).

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