In the name of? Stolp

It’s our pleasure to formally announce the rebranding of Juce⁺ to Stolp. Don’t worry though: different name, but we’re still the same!

Almost 3 years ago we took on a bold mission to bring more time well spent in the age of smartphones. Designing iconic products to positively encourage smart phone habits that bring people closer together. Starting out in the meeting room.

In 2020 the world had to rapidly adapt to a new normal, and so did we. Our meeting product went in lockdown, forcing us back to the drawing board to keep the company afloat. The result was ‘Stolp’, a product that brought our mission in its purest form. In a year where people spent more time looking at their screen than into each other’s eyes, our story resonated more than ever. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we quickly sold out our first batch across Europe and beyond. We now continue to grow our brand every day, with new products in the pipeline in addition to the current lineup.

So, we are Stolp. Five letters, straight out of the Dutch dictionary, representing our core product philosophy and celebrating Belgian design.

Finding us online is as easy as remembering the name. Visit 'Stolp' at (yes, we’re the proud new owners), on social media @stolp.offical or get in touch via .

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