Shipping policy

  1. The terms of delivery indicated are provided for information only and are not binding.
  2. The products will be delivered to the address as indicated on the Order. The SUPPLIER is not liable for any errors made by the CUSTOMER when submitting this information and any additional costs that may result from this.
  3. If the CUSTOMER opts for delivery at a collection point or in store the CUSTOMER is responsible for the storage and handling of the goods.  
  4. The SUPPLIER or a carrier appointed by him is entitled to request proof of identification from the CUSTOMER before delivering a Product. No compensation is due if the delivery has been made to a third party designated by the CUSTOMER or if it could reasonably be expected that the receiving party was authorised to do so by the CUSTOMER.
  5. The transfer of risk takes place ex works (exw), the SUPPLIER’s factory or depot. The CUSTOMER is responsible for any damage resulting from transport, storage and handling of the products.
  6. The transfer of ownership takes place after delivery and full payment of the invoice (cumulative conditions).
  7. The CUSTOMER will check the quantity, visible defects to the packaging and/ or the delivery upon delivery. Visible defects must be reported to the SUPPLIER within two (2) working days after receipt of the delivery via the email address
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