The device that will help you go offline

The easiest, scientifically proven, way to consciously lower the amount of hours you use your smartphone and spend more REAL time with your loved ones.

  • With Stolp, you have a VISUAL reminder in your home to help you reduce smartphone usage
  • Enables you to develop the habit of consciously disconnecting way more rapidly (unlike a closet or drawer)
  • Helps you get rid of the annoying urge of constantly checking your phone
  • Automatically puts your phone in airplane mode so you can’t get tempted to check notifications
  • Regain peace of mind - out of sight & disconnected = forgetting about your smartphone
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It’s easier with a visual reminder

In today’s day and age a lot of conscious people try to spend less time on their smartphones. However, most of them notice that putting it in a drawer, a closet, or another room is a habit that doesn’t stick… they simply start forgetting about it and keep their smartphones with them once again.

A dedicated, beautiful, ‘device’ in your home on a spot you easily notice will always actively remind you to disconnect and wind down.

But why?

4 reasons to reduce your smartphone usage

1. Being present
Experience the joy of every moment more intensely and at the same time open up a world of more presence, sensory awareness, mindfulness, immersion and flow.

By reducing your usage consistently you will even start to notice longer periods of uninterrupted attention you’ll enjoy in ways you never held possible.

2. Improved sleep
Especially when using your smartphone often at night, the blue light of your screen as well as the stimulants of notifications and apps will consistently negatively influence your sleep.

Being one of the single most important foundations of physical and mental health, sleep disruption is something you don’t want in your life.

3. Deepened connections
While often overlooked, studies have shown that just the presence of smartphones during conversations made people feel less connected to conversation partners.

Furthermore, connecting without smartphones around even increases the ability to recognize nonverbal cues of emotion, which is an important foundation for empathy.

It may come as a surprise to notice that disconnecting from media will make you feel more connected than ever! 

4. Productivity
Need to focus? Taking a break from your smartphone will always benefit you in a tremendous way. Next to the logical reasons why a smartphone might take your focus away, the distracting level of mental effort to resist taking up your smartphone, even when ignored, reduces mental acuity in a disturbing way.

Reducing the temptation by putting in place physical barriers will set you free of mental effort and will clear the way for an enjoyable flow of focus.

Quick facts about Stolp

Fully closed = 100% offline,
0 notifications

Get social, stack up to 6 smartphones

Works with any type of phone

No power plug nor app needed

Fits your charging cable

NFC for smart automations

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Stolp - The device that will help you go offline


Place up to 6 smartphones inside, close Stolp, and all phones are fully disconnected.
No Whatsapp notification comes in, no phone call disturbs you and your loved ones.
Free from all notifications and distractions, you can experience moments at their fullest.

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What experts say

"A wonderful project to become indistractable.What a great way to hack back." 

Nir Eyal
Best-selling author of 'Hooked' & 'Indistractible'

"Stolp brings years of academic research into practice."

Prof. L. De Marez
Researcher New Media at the University of Ghent