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less phone

Unlock your peace of mind and clarity in a world that’s always turned on.

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“Disconnect to reconnect. Stolp is ideal to put on the table when your friends have locked eyes with their phone screens again, and you want some quality time without notifications interrupting your conversation.”

Your daily dose of disconnection

Always being connected keeps real experiences at bay. Stolp helps you make it a ritual to unplug, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Designed to disconnect.


A visual reminder
to unplug

Be visually reminded to unplug, to stay focused on your new routine of disconnecting on the regular


Phone-signals are 100% blocked

Experience the bliss of uninterrupted time. Phone-signals are 100% disconnected once you hide away your phone in Stolp


Out of sight
= out of mind

Free up cognitive capacity. Out of sight = out of mind, that’s the science behind it!

Let's Stolp' became a new verb in our household. Sometimes my wife prefers "Stolp it, please" when she wants my attention.

Maarten, 39

I use Stolp half closed: I'm still available for urgent matters and work calls but do focus way better.

Dimitri, 31


Drop element here!

How Stolp works

01. Faraday cage to go 100% offline.

100% disconnected, ready to focus on what matters. 

02. Optional: wireless charging

Power up on life beyond the scroll.

03. Works with any type of phone

Fits up to iPhone 13 Max Pro!

04. Two ways to unplug

Don’t close the lid fully to remain available, or close the lid completely and your 1OO% offline.

Are you ready to stolp?

Stolp Classic

Comes in three colors

Stolp Recharge

includes wireless charging

Customized Stolp

for teams

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