• The gift of focus

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The gift of focus

Discover our branded
Company Offerings

'Always on'

doesn't always pay off...

In a world full of distractions, a little peace goes a long way.
So disconnect to reconnect. For more focus, balance and time well spent.

Make a statement as a company and break with the habit of ‘always on’

We help you design

custom Stolp

From a personal note to your very own color scheme. We take care of the design up until shipping to the happy recipient.

Contact us to get a quote and discover our personalisation offerings.

Stolp in

a nutshell

One simple gesture. Zero distractions.
No more rings, pings or buzzes. Cover up to 6 smartphones and get back to what’s good in life.

Out of sight, out of mind
Break with the habit of ‘always on’, always checking. Hide your phone in plain sight and discover the power of this principle yourself.

Enjoy the silence
Stolp is a radiation-free Faraday cage. Once you choose to fully close it, you are fully unplugged. No signal will come in, nor out. Only silence.
Join us now in our mission towards more time well spent in the age of smartphones
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