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Disconnect on the daily to unlock more peace of mind and clarity in a world that’s always turned on.

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"Disconnect to reconnect. Stolp is ideal when you want some quality time without notifications interrupting the conversation."

Your daily dose of disconnection

Let's face it. We all know certain moments in life deserve a little less phone. And yes, disconnecting might feel difficult at times.

We're here to make it easier by introducing a new ritual to pause any unexpected and unwanted distractions. To  disconnect on the daily and get back to life for a moment.

Designed to unplug

Made to suit the modern home. Designed with behavioural principles that stand the test of time. 


A visual reminder
to unplug

We’re highly driven by sight. That’s why a visual reminder encourages us to disconnect on the regular.


Built to go 100% offline

A new ritual to press pause on all digital noise. Stolps blocks out all rings and pings once you put your phones inside. Voila.


Out of sight,
out of mind

Best tip behavioral science taught us. To fully unhijack your mind, phones ought to be placed out of our sight.

"Let's Stolp" became a new verb in our household. Sometimes my wife prefers "Stolp it, please" when she wants my attention.

Maarten, 39 - Father of 2 kids

I use Stolp not fully closed to make sure I'm still available for urgent matters and work calls but do focus way better.

Dimitri, 31 - Founder agency

I want to give my kid my undivided attention, so I pause the world outside for a bit.

Katarina, 32 - Marketing creative

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Your pledge for less phone

Sure, people might look at Stolp and see just a butter dish. We call it a pledge, a new perspective. Your statement towards a more conscious relationship with mobile tech. 

Stolp is the conversation starter to rebalance our current relationship with mobile. Set the example, establish a new norm. For a little less phone, and so much more in return. 

A quick guide

Works with any type of phone. 

Get social. Stack up to 6 phones.

Fully closed = 100% offline*.

Optional: wireless charging.

*For emergencies or being available for work calls: don't close Stolp fully, and you’re still reachable.

Pick your daily dose

Stolp Classic

comes in three colors

Stolp Recharge

includes wireless charging

Stolp Gift Pack

one of each color

Branded Stolp

fully custom designs

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