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How we spend our days, is of course, how we spend our lives. Our daily habits and routines literally shape a lifetime.

Everywhere we go these days, so does our phone. Life is easier, more enjoyable and we're connected to the entire world. Ironically, the very thing that connects us to every human, also tends to disconnect us from what it means to be human, from time to time.

Smartphones and digital culture have put us in a state of 'always on'. This makes us vulnerable to lose sight of what's in front of us. Not allowing ourselves to focus our attention to things we value most in life.

Stolp is on a mission to help people discover the power of daily rituals to fully disconnect from our phones. Consciously finding daily moments to take distance, go offline and spend time on the things beyond our screen that deserve our full attention.

So, don't stop using your phones. They're great and will continue to stay part of daily life. All we're simply saying is: Stolp. From time to time.

Out of sight =

out of mind

Let's hide our phones from view and reconnect. We're not just making this up, it's science .

Results from two experiments indicate that even when people manage to maintain sustained attention on a task - such as in avoiding the temptation to check their phone - the mere presence of these beloved devices reduces available cognitive capacity and your ability. to focus on what's important. When we have our phone in sight, we have less attention, whether we're concentrating on work or with friends and family.

Discover the power of "out of sight = out of mind".

For more focus and less stress.
For more balance and undisturbed conversations.
For more time to do what you love.

Our Story

Team Stolp
Back in 2018 Team Stolp embarked on a mission: to bring more time well spent in the age of smartphones. We're passionate about designing iconic products that positively encourage smart phone habits that bring people close together, and we started out in the meeting room to create a culture of mutual respect and focus.

In 2020 the world had to rapidly adapt and so did we. Our attention shifted towards the place where the heart truly lies: home. On popular demand and leveraging scientific research and our own insights, we translated our mission to friends & families.

We do not believe that banning our beloved digital dummy is the way forward (smartphones are great). However, we're convinced we humans should be more aware about the role of their favourite pocket buddy in our lives, that we benefit from growing more conscious about our culture of constant connectivity and the impact on our conversations, our kids, our loved ones, our time well spent, and society as a whole. Being 'always on' doesn't always serve us, and neither does constantly having the world at our fingertips.

It's time to reclaim those undisturbed moments, with intuitive design as a driving force for healthier and pro-social smartphone habits. For more togetherness, for more time doing what we love with whom we love.

In the name of love,
Team Stolp - Matthias, Julien & Caro

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